After demands from clients to expand their market reach and brand representation in Texas, Mvalor Group opened its doors in Irving, Texas in 2017. By offering clients irreplaceable services, including representation as their in-person sales team and connection with potential customers, we improve customer relations, brand awareness and expand market reach.

How did Mvalor Group even land on the map as a recognizable force? As we started small, we consistently outperformed our competitors in new customer acquisition and satisfaction. Customers were staying with our clients longer than before and reported being happier with the services. What’s our secret? Part lies in our competitive team culture and part lies in our company philosophy.

Retail-based sales are pretty straight forward. Customers must enter the store to be able to have a client base to market to. Many times, retail sales employees have an ill-informed idea that customers know exactly what they want or that they don’t want to be bothered. We train our team to realize the opposite, recognizing each person’s unique buying power, body language, and signs of interest. Having a constant flow of customers is our total advantage. We increase our chances of acquiring new customers by 150% through retail sales versus door to door or business to business methodologies.

This means Mvalor Group must pay special attention to our training, especially in grabbing customer’s attention, having a simple and direct pitch, and closing sales without sacrificing customer service and information. We pay special care in following through and exceeding client expectations and, in turn, our client’s keep asking us to expand.

By adopting all responsibilities when it comes to hiring, training, and developing our own team, we’ve marketed our skills as much more than a sales team. We are completely autonomous as a sales and leadership/management development firm. Our clients push us to expand, help us do so, and allow us to do it completely on our own terms.

Mvalor Group promotes from within our firm based strictly on one’s competence and capacity to create a long-term difference. What does that mean? For anyone in our firm to take on a management role they must know all aspects of the company. We hire at the entry-level position to build camaraderie. In a leadership role, our team learns how to train, develop, and duplicate themselves in another sales representative. We train in time and office management and servant leadership. We specialize training for each individual and provide equal access to management roles depending on each person’s aptness for the role. Careers within our firm have the opportunity to be life changing.

To learn more about Mvalor Group, visit our LinkedIn or tweet us @mvalorgroup!

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